ACME in collaboration with its Partners ARISTA can provide consultation and R&D services:

Arista Engineers and Technicians have many decades working in Corrosion testing services and consulting for the Oil & Gas Industry. Personnel of Arista have worked for some of the most prestigious testing laboratories in the industry as corrosion testing laboratory managers and corrosion R&D engineers developing Joint Industry Projects (JIP’s) for Major Oil Companies.

Laboratory Testing

Corrosion Control & Materials in Oil & Gas Production

  • Problems encountered in wet H2S
  • Hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC)
  • Sulfide stress cracking (SSC)
  • Stress-Oriented HIC (SOHIC)
  • Hydrogen damage assessments
  • Hydrogen-permeation – Field & Laboratory
  • Full-scale Tests
  • Double cantilever beam (DCB)
  • Wedge open load (WOL)
  • Compact tension (CT)
  • Three and four-point bending (4-pt.b.); C-ring, etc.

Environmental testing

  • Atmospheric
  • Salt spray exposure
  • Temperature/Humidity exposure
  • Environment chamber (cyclic heating and cooling) – Soil box exposure
  • Cyclic loading – Customized environments (Pressure, temperature, stress, gas)

Corrosion Evaluations/Studies:

  • Standardized testing (ASTM, NACE, API)
  • Electrochemical testing and evaluation
    1. Potentiodynamic polarization
    2. Polarization resistance
    3. Potentiostatic/galvanostatic polarization
    4. Electrochemical noise
    5. HPHT Autoclave Testing up to 20 ksi
    6. Flowloops
  • Innovative Corrosion & Materials Problem Solutions and Failure Analysis
  • Development of Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking and Materials Qualification Testing
  • Computer Modeling of Corrosive Environments to replicate field conditions in the laboratory
  • Standarized and modified testing per ISO, ASTM, NACE, Norsok and EFC methodologies.
  • HPHT H2S/CO2 and multiplace exposures for environmental cracking evaluation.
  • State of the art SSR Test Frames for Standard NACE TM 0198 testing and Cyclic SSR testing
  • HPHT flow loop
  • Acidizing testing
  • Electrochemical Testing Capabilities
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Testing & Qualifications
  • Customized SSC and SCC testing to meet customer critical requirements
  • High Capacity SSC Proof Ring NACE Method A Testing & Method D DCB Testing

Gas Analyses

Liquid Analyses

Consulting and R&D Services

ACME is a team of engineers and senior scientists with multidisciplinary competence, solving complex problems, capable of delivering value-driven engineering with unparalleled expertise.